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Bath Plaque Dye

So you know when you're finished cleaning the bath...
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When you go to the dentist, he/she may give you some red dye that sticks to the plaque on your teeth, showing you exactly where it is.

Being that the dirt that lives in your bath is of a different texture to the bath itself, surely this principle could be applied. A small amount of dye squirted round the bath, which would stick to the dead skin, revealing its location. Excess dye would just wash away.

This way, you would be able to/have to clean all of the dirt from your bath without the excuse "Och, it looks clean enough."

calum, Feb 07 2002


       I think you'd be better with a dye to paint your bath plaque/soap scum an attractive colour, so you can pretend it's meant to be there. (I work on the principle that if you can't wash something off with a little effort, it's probably not going to do any harm if left there. In general.)
pottedstu, Feb 07 2002

       Wash it off? I thought you'd want to color it so you'd know where you could stand without fear of slipping.
Guncrazy, Feb 07 2002

       This could be a really good way of deciding whether or not to have a bath when you stay in a hotel - I often wonder just how *thoroughly* the bathrooms are cleaned. Actually, the very thought of this is giving me the boke. But croissant anyway - our country needs this.
salachair, Feb 08 2002

       Perhaps this could be incorporated into the curriculum at the University of Housework - the end of term exam could involve the lecturer applying dye to each student's bath. A clean bath means the student gets a pass mark, a dirty bath results in a fail.
salachair, Feb 11 2002

       Well, sometimes dirt is really just dirt.
runforrestrun, Feb 11 2002

       I don't think I've ever used the word "Och".
Mayfly, Feb 11 2002

       [Mayfly] - whyever not? It's a great word. Far superior to "Aw" or "Oh well" or whatever word(s)people use instead. Och. Go on, try it.
salachair, Feb 11 2002

       am wi yoo stu, an whit's rang wi Haggis?
g4zz, Feb 11 2002

       I don't know if your resquest is serious blissmiss, but haggis is the heart, lungs and liver of a sheep along with suet and oatmeal, served up in the sheep's own stomach. It is delicious.
calum, Feb 19 2002

       Yes, it's delicious. It's traditionally eaten with neeps and tatties(turnip and potato), but I like it on toast, or in a baked potato.
salachair, Feb 20 2002

       VERY good idea! I am not sure when I should stop brushing my teeth, and this could be exactly what I am searching for!Croissant(Dyed red)
Saruman, Jun 09 2002

       This sounds like a seriously marketable product, to me! :)
Cosh i Pi, Apr 11 2007


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