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dissolving pajamas

bed to bath nonstop
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Pajamas that dissolve on contact with water, so you can go straight from bed to morning shower without shedding clothes. No fumbling with a bathrobe, no leaving a pile on the floor. Comes from a dispenser which supplies a fresh pair every evening. Maybe they even turn into soap when they dissolve...
egnor, Apr 16 2001

Auto-bath bed http://www.halfbake...dea/Auto-bath_20bed
Synergy. [egnor, Apr 16 2001]


       It'll also be pretty easy to spot bed-wetters. They'll be the people who go to bed with pyjama bottoms and wake up with chaps.   

       Make sure you don't sweat too much, either.
Wes, Apr 16 2001

       If you're sweating a lot, clearly you need fewer bedclothes. It's self-regulating! (Except that it will dissolve into something, probably a sticky mess; in the shower, you can just wash it down the drain, but not so in bed.)
egnor, Apr 16 2001

       Yes! Self-regulating!   

       The sticky mess problem is easily(?) resolved: you simply need to make the pajamas sublimate on contact with excess moisture, rather than disolve.
PotatoStew, Apr 16 2001


       Maybe they should dissolve in perchloroethylene rather than water. Then you could take a "dry shower"...
egnor, Apr 16 2001

       Yeah, well.... that's what the (?) before "easily" was all about.
PotatoStew, Apr 16 2001

       Personally, I like the idea of transforming the PJs into soap. Less wasteful of resources than simply rinsing them down the drain, y'see. Maybe inject a harmless substance in the line to the shower which catalyzes the tranformation--that way you don't end up with soapy privates (and sheets) if you dribble in the dark. Or thermo-regulate the substance so that it takes 2 minutes of nice hot shower before it gets soapy...
Dog Ed, Apr 16 2001

       Soap Jammies wouldn't work for excema sufferers
thumbwax, Apr 16 2001

       How about pyjamas that dissolve 1 hour after putting them on? That way, you go to sleep with them on, but wake up without them, and you don't need to wash them away in the shower - would save shower-time too.
PotatoPete, Apr 17 2001

       But think of all the time that is still wasted going from bed to bathroom. Sleep naked and knife the waterbed each morning!
sirrobin, Apr 17 2001

       I wore the same pair of jim-jams all through my childhood years, and they did eventually dissolve. Just in time for my bath, too.
DrBob, Apr 17 2001

       The emporer's new pajamas....
globaltourniquet, Apr 17 2001

       Just sleep in the nude OK?
thumbwax, Apr 27 2001

       if you still wear pjs and keep them on all night, you probably still live with you mom.
celizafinn, Aug 17 2001

       How about dissolving bedsheets, you wouldn't even have to make your bed. And dissolving dishes?
Kaggo, Aug 25 2001

       dissolving people is discussed under health - suicides
po, Aug 25 2001, last modified Sep 08 2001

       Cool idea! Maybe you could have a filter on the drain, and make the material into new PJs every night. The shower is kind of a wash!
sumidog123, Aug 17 2002

       [celizafinn] - or maybe you just live somewhere cold?
sadie, Aug 19 2002

       Where can I get some?
NeoPiter, Mar 11 2005

       "go to bed with pyjama bottoms and wake up with chaps"   

       written four years ago by someone I don't know. Still funny.... I love the bakery.
k_sra, Mar 11 2005

       //Pantaleon, the patron saint of Venice// Has anyone told Saint Mark?
pertinax, May 14 2007

       Once, many years ago when I was a student at a Technical University in Texas our dorm complex had a fire drill which resulted in all of us, males and females standing in the rain during the night.   

       Frequently this would happen, the late night fire alarm going off followed by a few hundred students pouring out the fire escapes. It seems that the problem was some jerk would dump his ashtray, smoking was allowed back then, down the garbage chute causing a bit of smoke in the system. And off we went.   

       Usually it was just a huge pain. My roommate and I lived on the 7th floor and having to WALK down all those stairs wasn't much fun, much less having to do it knowing there was no good reason to do so. We'd wait until the last minute when we'd be forced out by the RA.   

       But, once outside it would be like a huge slumber party. Guys 'n gals milling about in our PJ's, waiting for the all clear so we could go back in to study, sleep, whatever.   

       It was for all this night time, PJ clad milling about that dissolving pajamas were made for. That's a big [+] from me!
Noexit, May 14 2007

       //Has anyone told Saint Mark// Shirley, St. Michael would be the patron saint of pants?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 14 2007


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