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Anti-Smoking Device

Quit smoking for good.
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The human brain is a powerful thing. If it ever experiences something rather uncomfortable, it will try to never experience it again. Right?

Well, why not make fake cigarettes, but add in several chemicals to make them taste extremely vile. After as short as a day, a person will be sick of smoking, and give it up. For good.

friendless-person, Nov 24 2003

Explosive Cigarettes http://www.halfbake...losive_20Cigarettes
Same concept, but much more fun [Worldgineer, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       It's been tried. In fact, you could easily argue that regular cigarettes not only taste vile, but will *really* make you sick if you keep smoking them.
DrCurry, Nov 24 2003

       I'll try. I guess you're right about the vile tasting cigarettes too. Oh well.
friendless-person, Nov 25 2003

       try herbal cigarettes.
po, Nov 25 2003

       Nice idea. But as a smoker, I would always know in the back of my mind that the "real" thing was still out there and I could have it instead.
ttillman, Nov 26 2003

       You could always make one out of every six packs the fake ones...   

       I haven't yet emailed bakesperson about my account... I didn't know you could do that...
friendless-person, Nov 26 2003

       click on report a problem.
po, Nov 26 2003

       Can I report [LotRFreak]?
silverstormer, Nov 26 2003

       you asking me? am I your mother? :)
po, Nov 26 2003

       <Puts hand in mouth, to avoid sharp slap>Mmmpphhph....hmmph</phimtass>
silverstormer, Nov 26 2003

       don't think I didn't read that, world! you phimtass!
po, Nov 26 2003

       All this talk of smoking makes me want to light up.
dobtabulous, Nov 27 2003

       This lighting up that you do, [dob]...is it a result of genetic engineering?
half, Nov 27 2003

       [UB] I've told you before not to set alight to the homeless people.
silverstormer, Nov 27 2003

       a product exists (i forget the name as i don't want any) to do this to normal fags. you take a dose of it once or twice during a day and it ruins the taste of tobacco. a friend of mine got some, but he kept finding excuses not to take it.   

       of course, you could just buy marlboros..
stilgar, May 15 2004

       Awesome! I want to spend my hard-earned money on products that won't be what they were advertised to be, taste bad, and make me sick.   


       So, what, are we supposed to put razorblades in every sixth bag of chips to keep kids from getting fat? Or maybe we should drop syrup of ipecac into every sixth handle of Smirnoff? Or hell, why not wire explosives into every sixth car while we're at it!
disbomber, Apr 09 2005


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