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Chili-powered way to Quit Smoking

Replace the nicotine endorphine rush with a chili-powered endorphin rush.
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I quit smoking about four years ago after smoking for about 10 years. Patches didn't work, Then I got addicted to the gum (and switched back to cigarettes, cause it was cheaper)... until I discovered hot stuff. I thought I would share what worked.

Chilis, Habeneros, Jalepeno's.. "Dave's insanity sauce".. ahh, the pain, the endorphine rush. By combining with a small "appetizer-like" meal, it kills the need to stuff yourself silly.

To quit smoking using chilis: Whenever you want a cigarette, take a small piece of toasted bread (1/4 a slice), put a small piece of lunchmeat and/or cheese.. Think appetiser sized. and place either 1 drop of "Dave's insanity sauce", or several slivers of Habenero pepper. Take a few breaths, insert into mouth and CHEW SLOWLY. Get a napkin, to wipe the tears and runny nose with. Chew and swallow... make absolutely sure you get the chili-burn. Whew, no more cigarette craving - the more the burn, the better you feel.

I think it only took a few weeks before I wasn't interested in chilis, smoking, or using the bathroom. I was able to lay off the chilis, and haven't smoked since.

At first this takes A LOT of burning, but think.. you are actually doing your circulation some good.

bigattichouse, Apr 28 2004

Snuff (for [po]) http://www.snuff.com/
This site says snuff is "in". 'Course what would you expect from snuff.com? [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Snuff bottles (also for [po]) http://www.snuffbottlestore.com/
Collect away (sorry [big], feel free to delete these off-topic links) [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Hottest Sauces in the world http://www.chez-wil...20Sauce/hothome.htm
A list of current recordholders [whatastrangeperson, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Haha! [+] I'm gonna try it.
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 28 2004

       If negative reinforcement is what it takes, but my vote stays with Welbutrin/Zyban.
Nice side effect about the eating, though.
phoenix, Apr 28 2004

       just musing on the possibility of snorting something like this (as you do - the musing not the snorting!), do people use snuff anymore?
po, Apr 28 2004

       I've been meaning to start.
Worldgineer, Apr 28 2004

       those bottles are really cute, I bet they are collectable.
po, Apr 28 2004

       //do people use snuff anymore?   


       - I use snuff occasionally. If I see it for sale somewhere (about once a year) I buy a tin and use it until it is gone or I lose it, then I forget about the stuff until the next time I happen to see it.
snikrepkire, Apr 28 2004

       I'm got some snuff sitting on the desk in front of me here as I type. It's tobacco-free and mentholated. And it's been sitting there a while. I got bored after a couple of pinches. And it doesn't burn as well as tobacco.
lostdog, Apr 28 2004

       I knew a Norwegian bloke who had this snuff like substance, he called it "Schnooze" or something. He rolled it into a little cylinder about the size of a ciggie butt and popped it under his top lip. Left it there for about 15 minutes. I know it's stupid, but I just had to try it. It slowly released the tobacco taste, which was a bit gross, but the nicotine hit was amazing, more intense than any cigarette. So you're saving your lungs, but I'd guess the risk of oral tumours would replace that. Still, if hot stuff helped you kick the weed, [+].
saker, Apr 29 2004

       Yep, snuff's still commonly available here (Germany). I know a surprisingly large amount of people who use it considering that one pinch makes your eyes stream, face turn green or beetroot red and leads to one expelling one's teeth hard enough to leave clean holes in the nearest window. Oh and makes you look like you have poo round your nose.
squeak, Apr 29 2004

       Tabasco: 2,140 scoville units   

       Dave's Ultimate Insanity Sauce: 250,000 scoville units   

       Blair's 6 AM reserve: 10,300,000-16,000,000 scoville units   

       enough said
whatastrangeperson, Apr 29 2004

       Give up smoking (+++)
Side effect - stomach ulcer (-)
Great new diet plan (+)
Getting a bun on HB - Priceless (+++)
energy guy, Jul 27 2004

       [saker], a US Smokeless Tobacco Co. stand outside Arizona Stadium before football games last semester sold the same product. Definitely gross, and the tobacco was too strong, and if you accidentally let one drop slide down the back of your throat you're hacking or puking it up 15 minutes later. Ick! I hated that shit.   

       I'm already hooked on hotsauce, so this idea wouldn't work for me. Croissant for effort and success story, though--and for having the first HB quitting idea I've seen that's not blatantly anti-smoking/pro-The-Man.
disbomber, Apr 09 2005


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