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Cigarette cashback

Get given money that you would have spent on the weed.
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So I have finally figured it out and actually thought positivly about giving up cigarettes. It's fantastic. One of the many benefits is that I have noticed is that my pockets are full of change again - even better.

Without going to much into the Big Brother aspect, I reckon that it would be a great incentive to stay clean if whenever you were somewhere where you can buy cigarettes that the cashier would say "congratulations you've just saved another £xx. Would you like that as cashback?"

Of course no one is just going to give you money so you'd have to arrange a sneaky debit system that sucked cash out of your account slowly. There is a whole Big Brother aspect, but I have felt fantasic for the last 2 weeks and like to be reminded, even though I'm enjoying giving up.

Edit: Clean up some terribly over exicted long sentences.

boffin, Aug 27 2003


       I'm watching you.
Big Brother, Aug 27 2003

       You stopped smoking so you want someone to take some of your money then give it back to you? How would the cashier know that you'd stopped? How does the cashier get your money to give back to you? Why does any of this happen?
angel, Aug 27 2003

       Easily bakeable with debit cards. Just give the cashier your card and tell them that you don't want to buy a pack of ciggies please. They then debit your card with the cost of the pack and give you the money as cash.

In the UK, I believe that the supermarkets receive payment from the banks for operating the 'cash back' system (presumably because it enables the bank to close a few more high street branches) so there's no reason why the same shouldn't be true for tobacconists. It's a win-win-win-lose situation. Good for you, good for the shop and good for the banks. Not so good for the bank staff though. Have a nicotine-free croissant.
DrBob, Aug 27 2003

       I applaud your efforts, but I don't get this at all. It makes no sense.   

       In a way, you'll be keeping the smoking aspect (by reminding yourself all the time) going through this method, without actually doing it. Why you would want to do that is unclear.   

       And you're not saving any money if it's just coming out of your bank account, no matter how effectively you can fool yourself into thinking you are.
waugsqueke, Aug 27 2003

       //One of the many benefits is that I have noticed is that my pockets are full of change again...//

       //have to arrange a sneaky debit system that sucked cash out of your account slowly.//
Why. You've already said that you have the money in your pocket.

       Why not get a piggy bank. It may help.
st3f, Aug 27 2003

       Here's a much better idea: Get real cash back (that isn't yours to begin with). How? Buy a pack of cigarettes and sell them for $2 a stick at your local middle school.   

       (packing bags and going straight to hell...)
disbomber, Apr 09 2005


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