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Anti-Tailgating Flame Thrower

Use a flame thrower to get tail gaters off your tail
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Inspired by [aeromechonaut]'s idea for a Tailgate Mode. Tailgating is annoying and dangerous. I propose mounting a flame thrower on the back of the car at about radiator hight so that above a pre-determined speed, when a car gets closer than a pre-determined distance, the flame thrower blasts a bright flame into the offender's radiator. The offender has no choice but get off your tail, otherwise the flame will surely cause his/her car to overheat and die. I know that I for one would surely back off if the car in front of me suddenly started shooting flames out its rear. [edit: The flame thrower would use advanced thrust vector nozzling technology to aim the flame accurately]
acurafan07, Jan 09 2007

The Blaster http://en.wikipedia..._%28flamethrower%29
"No, kind sir, I prefer not to get out of my vehicle." [ed, Jan 10 2007]

Car Flame Thrower http://blog.wired.c...flame.html#comments
Scroll Up to see video [quantum_flux, Sep 22 2008]


       I thought for a moment that you were a mean person trying to dissuade sports fans from partying in the parking lot before a big ball game. But then I read on, and you turned out to be not so much mean as righteously enraged. I like this idea not only because it gives tailgaters a reason to back off, but you also get to have flames shooting out of your car!
Twenty Dollar Duck, Jan 10 2007

       I believe these are baked in South Africa, but on the sides of a vehicle, as a carjacking deterrant.
ed, Jan 10 2007

       'Help friend/relative ! Why has the car died in the middle of the freeway ?'   

       'You were tailgating son/daughter/bucko. The flamethrower is god's form of retribution.'
Raithah, Jan 11 2007

       Advanced thrust vector nozzling technology?
angel, Jan 11 2007

       //Tailgating is... dangerous//   

       So is fire. Throwing fire is moreso I believe. I can only surmise that throwing fire whilst driving at high speed at nearby similarly speedy vehicles without warning may also be a tad hazardous. Regardless of advanced thrust vector nozzling technology.   

       Why not just have deployable land mines? Much easier. You could just get a passenger to drop them out the window for you. I know that I for one would surely back off if the car in front starting throwing land mines at me.
theleopard, Jan 11 2007

       I already have the perfect tailgater solution. My business vehicle is a military-surplus 6x6 truck. Anybody following me too closely gets their bumper trashed by my 46" tires. At any rate, they don't bother me any, since I can't see them in a blind spot that is approximately the size of Rhode Island. So for the betterment of all the rest of you, I will happily continue re-educating habitual tailgaters all over New England. You're welcome!
Alterother, Mar 27 2008

       is there anything that evaporates at environmental temperature yet, when frozen is strong enough to withstand being run over ?... (the obvious disappearing caltrop trick)
FlyingToaster, Mar 27 2008

       You could make an effective, yet watered-down version of this just by spraying some (insert your choice of pressurized flammable medium here) adjacent to an igniter by your exhaust pipe.   

       A momentary flash would probably encourage more following space.
normzone, Mar 27 2008

       //The flame thrower would use advanced thrust vector nozzling technology to aim the flame accurately//   

       lol .... like on the Harrier Jet?
quantum_flux, Mar 27 2008

       //is there anything that evaporates at environmental temperature yet, when frozen is strong enough to withstand being run over ?//   

       I believe the mystical substance you seek is water.
sprogga, Mar 28 2008

       Tap the brakes very gently, enough that your lights come on, then floor it up to the legal limit. There will then be more space between you and the following car. [-]
david_scothern, Mar 28 2008

       Make the flame a "cold fire". Then it wont be dangerous to use. But I still think a short blow of smoke is better, and maybe a "stink bomb"...
pashute, Mar 28 2008

       Turning on your windshield washers at highway speed will spackle the car behind you (if he is tail-gating) with dirty windshield washer fluid. After having to turn his windshield wipers on a couple of times, the tail-gater will get the idea.   

       For slower roads, maybe mounting a washer-fluid nozzle on the trunk could do it, too.
MikeD, Mar 29 2008

       I'd like one on the front bumper. Invariably, wherever I go, there'll be some idiot driving about 18 inches in front of me.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 30 2008

       “The very existence of flame-throwers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I'm just not close enough to get the job done.”

       George Carlin
nomocrow, Mar 31 2008

       The advantage of MikeD's version is that they think the dirty water's coming from your tires. So they back off without seeking revenge.
Ford, Mar 31 2008

       [MikeD]: For a while last summer, the rear-window washer on my Jeep was broken, and the fluid squirted straight back about six or seven feet. I put a sign in my back window, just big enough for the driver behind me at a red light to read: "HONK for free carwash." In the six weeks it took me to get a replacement part, I had plenty of business, and not one dissatisfied customer.
Alterother, Apr 01 2008

       We've had a couple of roadway shootings recently in So Cal - theoretically road rage related, but one never knows until all the facts are in.   

       Hopefully they weren't flamethrower related.
normzone, Apr 01 2008

       What about a huge mirror which unfolds from the back of your car? The tailgater will then see themselves, driving towards themselves on a collision course at terrifying speed. I suppose this might not make them back off, but it would look cool.
hippo, Apr 01 2008


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