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tailgaters smoker
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get a winshield washer system, hook it to a dash switch, fill it with cooking oil,run an 1/8 inch brake line to your exhaust manifold, install it so it injects the oil into the manifold. The oil will be instantly vaporized and the results will be massive clouds of white smoke comming from your tail pipe and the tailgater will have no choice but to slow down or stop because he won't be able to see.If you use canola oil you can make whole neighborhoods smell like popcorn
bonk, Jun 17 2001


       [admin: the "idea name" you enter when you submit an idea is supposed to be the name of the idea, not of the user who posts it.
While you're logged in as "bonk", scroll down the idea page to find editable fields for idea name, subtitle, and text; edit the idea name (into something like "tailgater smoker"?) and select "OK" to change it.]
jutta, Jun 17 2001

       Heh. I like this idea...
StarChaser, Jun 17 2001

       Where was this device when I needed it last week? It can have my delicious flaky pastry purely for the popcorn smell.
CoolerKing, Jun 17 2001

       Hmmm...how 'bout if instead of causing your own car to smoke, you were to cause the other to do so. Shoot a stream of motor oil into the tailgater's radiator to be sucked through and onto the engine. This should cause smoke to billow from under the hood. The tailgater would soon be on the shoulder wondering what's wrong. Get's rid of the problem AND it's rather sadistically satisfying...without doing any actual damage.
StreetLight, Jun 17 2001

       Oh, and high marks for mechanical detail, in my opinion.
Dog Ed, Jun 17 2001

       Drive offensively!
DrBob, Jun 17 2001

       Mixture: 1/2 castor oil, 1/2 wd-40
Instructions: place some in tailpipe
Result: Disaster, in the form of black smoke and the shellac dried coating produces
Advice: Only do this to sworn enemies and have no vehicle of your own nearby
Disclaimer: heh
thumbwax, Jun 18 2001

       I've considered a method wiht (theoretically) similar results. Have a small tributary pipe connected to your tailpipe(s) behind the muffler, have these pipes end in a cache of smoke bombs, and have some form of detanator that can be controlled from the drivers seat, probably RC.
nick_n_uit, Jun 18 2001

       I dunno--"bonk" sorta fits for the title anyway. A tailgater would be likely to "bonk" you if you stopped suddenly.
human411, Aug 16 2001

       the U.S. Army has a sort of mobile bridge.. the vehicle that carries it creates a smoke screen by pumping deisel fuel directly into the exhaust manifold... this works quite well actually.. very dense white smoke
tazmase2, Jul 21 2003

       Vaporized deisel!!!!!!
Where's the match!!
my-nep, Apr 12 2004


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