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Anti-Tick Missile

The latest in weapon technology.
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With recent advancements in weapon technology, see 'Warfare TacTicks', the need for a new anti-weapon has arisen. The Anti-Tick Missile once installed will help to defend against 'Sealed-Tick Crates'.

ATM's work by homing in on the already deployed STC's, upon interaction they eject a fine mesh netting in their wake, successfully ensnaring the STC. The second-stage rocket boosters then kick in, and the onboard guidance computer plots a target towards known enemy targets.

In absence of in-range targets, a high altitude burn followed by explosion is activated.

silverstormer, Mar 20 2003

Warfare TacTicks http://www.halfbake.../Warfare_20TacTicks
Arch-Nemesis [silverstormer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

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       I think a countermissile of parasitoid wasps might be better.
bungston, Mar 20 2003

       Perhaps instead of STC's of ticks, the offenders will turn to low-flying drones packed with lice...
idyll, Mar 20 2003

       [idyll] Egg-fried or Sweet and Sour?
silverstormer, Mar 20 2003

       [silverstormer] Either way, we always fly the lice.
idyll, Mar 20 2003

       TacTicks - do they rattle about in the box like TicTacs?
po, Mar 20 2003

       I'm not sure [po], perhaps a question for Idyll, the mastercrafts-man of the STC.
silverstormer, Mar 20 2003

       Were TacTicks to be shaken about in a box, I should think they would be rather rattled.
idyll, Mar 20 2003


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