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bacon rind wire

razor wire with bacon bits instead of the razors
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Replace the metal shards in razor wire with bits of bacon. This wire then becomes an impenetrable barrier to those for whom the pig is an abomination not to be approached or handled under any circumstances.

Extending the logic would see the military vehicles deployed in certain countries being dressed in rasher suits - a Hamvee ? (Sorry) Security cameras would peer out of swiveling pig heads, and moats of pork fat would create totally secure compounds.

xenzag, Nov 10 2005

Bacon Wire https://picasaweb.g...5468871418240497378
[xenzag, Jul 10 2012]


bristolz, Nov 10 2005

       sausage rolls,that would roll out as you come near,bacon "bombs",crispy rashers falling from the sky..
100 percent, Nov 10 2005

       This just isn't Kosher.   

       The moslem nations would simply respond with "bad coffee" wire.
Adze, Nov 11 2005

       mmmmmmm bacon. I recommend: toast 1 tsp cumin + crushed black pepper in pan, then in pan 2 slices bacon, frizzled. In bacon fat fat, then fry: 3 cloves garlic, 1 bunch of scallions Add 1/2 cup crushed almonds, 1 can garbanzos, 1 can crushed tomatoes. Add 2-3 tbsp sour cream garam masala and lemon juice to taste.
bungston, Nov 11 2005

       <drooling> Away, satan!
Adze, Nov 11 2005

       Bacon Balls. To be deployed in the Middle East a la Barnes Wallace.
jtp, Oct 25 2006

       I'm still updating illustrations.... I have a few for which I can't find the ideas, perhaps I deleted them. Lost track.
xenzag, Jul 10 2012

       //sausage rolls// but not very well.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 10 2012


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