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Brick-nic Hamper

Middle class rioter's presentation box
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Each box would come in the form a snazzy hamper, with a foam liner, precision cut to separate each individual item, and would contain the following:

1 Used beer bottle

1 Fist sized brick fragment

1 Golf ball (used)

1 Large ball bearing (new)

1 Sealed, easy-burst plastic bag full of paint, from the luxury Farrow and Ball National Trust Approved colour range - (choice of colours available)

1 Set of instructions on how to throw each item

Also included:

1 Pair of kid gloves to protect the hands from scratches

1 Angora wool balaclava, supplied in a variety of designer styles and colours

1 "Gulder" card containing a set of raucous verbal insults to roar at opponents

1 Rough accent learning linguaphone tape

1 Set of instructions on how to riot.

xenzag, Nov 06 2005




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