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Anti-collision boom microphone

Some users need this ...
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There is a problem for some headset users, who persistently hit their boom microphone with their beverage mug, causing not only embarrassment to themselves but irritation and potential temporary deafness to others.

Therefore BorgCo Audio Engineering Division has designed and developed a headset with a powered, agile boom microphone incorporating a proximity sensor.

When something is detected approaching the microphone, the boom is rapidly "flicked" clear of the object, and the audio is muted. When the object is removed, after a short delay the process is reversed.

Eye protection advised. BorgCo are not liable for any injury and/or sight loss arising from the use of this equipment.

8th of 7, Jan 14 2021


       //boom is rapidly "flicked" clear//   

       No det cord in my face, thank you. Not after last time.
pertinax, Jan 14 2021

       Just "teething troubles". Fixed now. Probably.   

       (Sorry about the teeth by the way. Hopefully the dentures aren't too uncomfortable ?)
8th of 7, Jan 14 2021

       I haven't asked them.
pertinax, Jan 14 2021

       I'd like one of these, I tend to pre-emptively stow my boom in a vertical position so I can continue to coffee unimpeded during the call, and wind up being told I'm too quiet when it comes my turn to update everyone on how today's TPS reports are coming along.   

       Perhaps to avoid unintended twitches, you could involve either an RFID "coaster" that sticks to the bottom of your target mug, so that other objects don't trigger a false- reaction. Or, if you were so inclined, print out QR code stickers to apply to your chosen mug, or more commercially, actually sell pre-printed mugs with machine readable markings already in place.
zen_tom, Jan 14 2021

       ... which would allow implementation of an additional "video cut" feature when the impulse to nostril excavation becomes irresistible ...
8th of 7, Jan 14 2021

       The sensible solution would be a volume amplification limit on the mic response for low frequencies. But that's almost as boring as my job.
RayfordSteele, Jan 14 2021


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