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Tablet PC pen microphone

Put a microphone on eraser end of Tablet PC stylus
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Although most people use headsets, having a microphone-sized item that detatches from the PC tempts one to use it to sing like, ah, some old-time crooner anyway. Limited utility, most people would likely rather have the eraser, but might come in handy for presentations, kareoke, dictation, etc.
cloudface, Nov 14 2004

Will probably run on a Tablet PC http://www.cybercit....com/kar30prof.html
"Karaoke 3000 Professional": PC based Karaoke [half, Nov 15 2004]

"Open Channel D." http://www.cia.gov/spy_fi/item03.html
Not what you mean, I know, but this brings back memories of cardboard sets and wooden acting - delightful. [thud, Nov 15 2004]




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