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sound profiler

A photo manipulation to pull out a wave form.
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Looking around there are a lot of things that don't make sound. A row of books on a library shelf, a placement of tide barrier rocks at the end of the local beach or even a crack in your driveway.

What would they sound like?

Use a cellphone camera and take a photo showing the traceline edge of the subject choosen. Software isolates the edge line and feeds it into a audio player.

Is that really the sound of my bodies shadow line profile? Yes but I did have to do some manipulative scaling, dear.

wjt, Jan 28 2017

Why https://simonchadwi...dcamp.com/album/why
Album of music created as pen-and-paper sonograms [pocmloc, Jan 30 2017]

Phonopaper http://www.warmplace.ru/soft/phonopaper/
App which plays sonograms via the camera on your phone. Includes "play anything" mode. [pocmloc, Jan 30 2017]


       Sounds of the humpbacked whales back ?
popbottle, Jan 28 2017

       And the water wake.
wjt, Jan 28 2017

       [Ian] Nice bit of kit. Makes me imagine a composer drawing sonograms directly as an artist on a tablet. A synesthetic rendering of music.   

       My idea would feed into the Virtual ANS software as it processes photos to make a single sonogram waveform. The photo subject usally being an edge or traverse of some object that will render a waveform.   

       Because the form would usually be short, (the Grand Canyon might give a longer stitched waveform) I imagine,the sound bite would be hard to compose with.
wjt, Jan 29 2017

       //Makes me imagine a composer drawing sonograms directly as an artist on a tablet//   

       Well yes, that is the whole point of the virtual ANS software.   

pocmloc, Jan 30 2017

       ANS was still a score writing device primarily. Not that a piece of art or a piece of nature can't be sounded out with the image processor to audio for fun.
wjt, Jan 31 2017


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