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Anti-viral Internet Gloves

Fight surfer's disease
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Considering that colds often spread through touching surfaces that others touch, it would seem that Internet cafes would pose a health risk.

These would be disposable rubber gloves marketed toward either Internet cafes themselves or directly to the consumer. Perhaps available free, with advertisements and web addresses printed on the back.

Worldgineer, Sep 20 2005

Just one of the many possible diseases this may save you from. http://www.mckinley...psimp/herpsimp.html
Have you touched your face since you've started typing? I bet you're touching your face right now. [Worldgineer, Sep 21 2005]


       And who said useless posts are useless.
chocolateraindrops, Sep 20 2005

       Useless posts are useless
normzone, Sep 20 2005

       I think there is a term for your condition.
Antegrity, Sep 20 2005

       the stated use is to stop the spread of viruses in internet cafe's .
schmendrick, Sep 21 2005

       Use less posts, useless.
not_only_but_also, Sep 21 2005

       Next up: Anti-viral Internet Hat   

       Thinking about this idea further, Internet cafes are a bit unique in that they consist of people from all over the world (I only go to one when I travel, and just assume everyone else is like me) touching something with a large portion of their hands for an extended period.
Worldgineer, Sep 21 2005

       Have a nice life, bubble-boy.   

       Your health system is likely benefitting more than it's getting hurt.   

       But it's true that there is a market for products for bubble-boy type attitudes, so I'm not voting.
sophocles, Sep 22 2005


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