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antibiotic timer bottle

alerts admin of medicine
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When having to administer antibiotics at four or eight hour intervals it would be handy to have a timer device on the neck of the bottle to alert time to be given and also record when the last dose was administered. This would be of great benefit when more than one child/adult is taking medication.
vimto, Dec 29 2001

e-Pill (ugh) http://www.epill.com/
Medical pill reminders in a wristwatch, pager, or pill dispenser [phoenix, Dec 30 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Though I refer not to antibiotics, I agree in principle. Back when I was recuperating - well for 3 years of 'round the clock non-stop severe headaches from an accident - I could have used this - some meds are meant to constrict blood vessels, etc. - not headache/pain relief, those same meds were taken once daily, and in the smorgasbord of pilltaking, one does not always remember - if you forget - you pay the price severely whether by taking 0 or 2 instead of 1. Headache/pain relief was my own call.
thumbwax, Dec 29 2001

       I'll vote for this. A lot simpler than keeping track on a notepad, especially when away from home.
TeaTotal, Dec 30 2001

       Wow. I sat for a good 10 minutes trying to think why not and another five to come up with a wise-crack. I have neither. Good idea.
ilbake, Dec 30 2001

       Baked. Take your pick. (See link)
phoenix, Dec 30 2001

       The idea to have the timer within the lid/bottle was my main concern as sometimes more than one person in the household could give the medicine. eg. If I had to go out and my forgetful husband was left in charge, he would be alerted to give the medication and I would also know at what time etc. if it were recorded in the lid. Not wishing to sound rude, but if it is baked, it would be in the lid of my medicine bottle, which it isn't.
vimto, Dec 30 2001

       There's at least two of them that would fit what you want on that link. Not on a bottle, but they hold and dispense the pills at the correct times. And if they're not being taken, at least one of them will <phone> call someone to come check on you.
StarChaser, Dec 30 2001

       Many thanks.
vimto, Dec 30 2001

       its the prescription of antibiotics for every little thing thats is the real problem
po, Dec 30 2001

       So what would you prefer morons to take, UB? Anthrax? Arsenic? An aeroplane to another country?
cp, Dec 30 2001

       And things like antibiotic soap. Little bits of antibiotics everywhere makes things resistant.   

       <waves hi at cp who got an annotation in while I was typing>   

       I like the idea of an airplane to another country, but it'd be awfully quiet here. In that circumstance, doing what the doctor said and taking all of the antibiotic like he told them would be best.
StarChaser, Dec 30 2001

       [star] do you know I never gave that a thought till now.
po, Dec 30 2001

       ¯vimto: again, the "sometimes more than one person in the household" involved in administering medication makes sense at several levels. To sum it up, two heads can be better than one … especially if one is pounding with congested sinuses, near delerium from fever, or about due to scratch a hole clean into the abdominal cavity from itching hives.   

       Otherwise, kick everybody out of the place and sleep under a decent alarm clock.
reensure, Dec 30 2001

       Great prank gift for the pharmaceutical junkie in your life....
ilbake, Jan 01 2002

       If you put transponders on the drugs bottles instead you could not only have a PDA or watch alert you of the times for dosages but help you find mislaid drugs bottles as well as alerting you when you move too far away from bottle from which you need regular doses (thus avoiding them getting lost in most cases).   

       BTW antibiotic soap would be a very bad idea as this kind of perpetual, low level usage is thought to be the most dangerous. Antibiotics are one of our most potent weapons against disease but if we use them too commonly diseases learn to defeat them.
Aristotle, Jan 01 2002


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