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for longer life
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Flossing is important because the gum line and root of each tooth is the easiest entry point into the blood stream for the multiplicity of viral networks that image our immune system, use diversionary tactics to sneak past our defenses, and then give us heart attacks among other problems.

So this medical procedure would remove the part of an infant's mandible and maxiliary bones that becomes teeth, at birth, and allow the gums to grow over the place where the teeth would normally be, capping that entryway into our body's defenses.

Admittedly this person would have a difficulty of having to eat baby food for an entire lifetime, but their lifetime might be twice as long, imagining that they would never get the kind of diseases that gain entry directly to the bloodstream through compromised dental health -- which may be the most dangerous.

JesusHChrist, Mar 17 2013


       [marked-for-deletion] cruelty.
DrCurry, Mar 17 2013

       I can't help wonder if evolution might not be doing this on its own. We've already pretty much lost out canine teeth and tails. How long before we're all nearly semi-eternal toothless babes being tended by a cadre of robotic servants?   

       I ask you, seriously, how long do you think?
A thousand... ten thousand years maybe?

       and then what?...   

       //I ask you, seriously, how long do you think? A thousand... ten thousand years maybe?//   

       Precisely 2,532 years from now (per Messrs. Zager and Evans).
ytk, Mar 18 2013

       I'm seeing a brand new mass market for juvenile prosthetic dentures. Prosthodontists should love this idea with the prospect of providing ten to twelve complete sets of upper and lower dentures to every man, woman and child over the course of their lifetimes. (For most people, a quality set of dentures will only last ten to twelve years due to the materials currently being used and changes to the user's gums and bones. Children in their developmental years might need four or more sets due to bone growth and normal wear and tear.)
jurist, Mar 18 2013

       One thing I admire about [JHC] is his consistent absurdity. Too many of us straddle the fence, but he accepts and is comfortable with his harmless psychosis.
Alterother, Mar 18 2013

       Enforcement would be a challenge, the idea's got no teeth. I think this bites.
normzone, Mar 18 2013

       Any sort of unneccessary surgery on infants, possibly including cirumcision, is best to be avoided. However this idea does present a problem with teeth, although maybe a more problematic solution. Nevertheless in the future it's possible that controlled bouts of scurvy will be used to loosen and remove teeth, and people will feed on factory masticated foodstuffs similar to those fed on today, except, as stated, prechewed.
rcarty, Mar 18 2013


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