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Antibiotic Chewing Gum

Prevent the spread of germs by chewing this gum
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Infuse some sort of mild antibiotic with chewing gum and offer it to prevent the spread of germs. One would buy a pack when he or she's sick (cold, flu, sinus infection, etc). You'll be able to go back to work, interact with family and friends and do everyday activities without having to worry that you'll infect other people.
i3rilliant, Aug 05 2003


       And help accelerate it's increase in ineffectiveness, hmm. I just eat the food given to intensively farmed animals. bonemealed.
nichpo, Aug 05 2003

       doctors are trying to reduce the amounts of anti-biotics we take cos.hhhm..bacteria get accustomed to them apparently. so sorry -1
po, Aug 05 2003

       And you've not tasted some of the antibiotics. Flucloxacillin tastes truly awful and smell pretty bad too.
oneoffdave, Aug 05 2003

       seal, well obviously but what I said holds good nonetheless
po, Aug 05 2003


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