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Mad Sunday

Annual day when road traffic laws are suspended
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In order to improve road safety, there should be one day each year when road traffic laws are suspended. Evolution would soon overtake anyone mad enough to go out on "Mad Sunday" leaving the roads safer for the rest of the year. To reduce the cost to society, motor insurance would not be valid, drivers would have personal liability, and the emergency services would not deal with traffic accidents but would continue to have priority on the roads as they protected the remaining populace cowering in their homes.
BigED, Jul 09 2001


       I can see certain sections of the driving communities modifying their already beefy dragsters into smash em' up death machines and only going driving on Sundays. I like this idea if it were televised. Special Road Warrior/Mad Max tourist buses could drive spectators about the ensuing battleground, with associated merchandise for local 'heroes' and 'baddies'.
benfrost, Jul 10 2001

       After my car accident last week....I'll definitely be the one of the ones cowering in my home.....well, not really....I'll be in the barn doing my job while the idiots kill each other. Actually, I believe that anytime anyone blatently causes an accident (as the stupid idiot did to me last week), they should have their license revoked for three years minimum.
Susen, Jul 10 2001

       By damn, this is a good idea! The TV networks could cover the mayhem from helicopters!
Mogo, Oct 03 2003

       Mad Sunday has been baked for years on the TT course on the Isle of Man for bikers.
oneoffdave, Oct 08 2004

       If you play Grand Theft Auto 4 on-line you will get a very good idea of what this would be like.
mecotterill, Aug 10 2008


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