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Backseat Driver

A new application for an old concept.
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To minimize driving distractions associated with looking toward the rear of the vehicle while driving there could be a new implementation for an old concept. Its called the Backseat Driver. Its a vehicle that puts the passengers in the front of the vehicle while allowing you to see clearly out of the windshield.

Sometimes when you have people in your car, you seldom find out until after the fact that someone either damaged the area in the back seat area or stole something that you might have been storing under the seat. With this vehicle you will be able to see everything that is going on at all times so if you decide to pick up a hitchhiker you can be prepared for any sudden moves.

This would be great for police officers who take a criminal into custody or parents who have mischiveous children because they can keep their attention their driving while keeping the passengers in their periphial vision.

It provides an additional layer of protection for the driver in the event of a head on collision but the driver may not fair too well in a rear end hit. Parallel parking would be easier too because the driver could actually see the entire area that he is backing into and whether or not he is too close to the car behind him.

Jscotty, Sep 02 2005


       So the driver is, literally, sitting in the back seat? I like it! [+]   

       However, I can think of a number of caveats. How do we ensure visibility? What if the driver's a LOL (Little Old Lady) that can barely see over her steering wheel, let alone her burly 6'7" son in the seat in front of her? How do you see to make a right turn if you're stuck 6 feet back from the corner? Wouldn't it actually be MORE distracting to have the kids fighting right in front of you?   

       Plus, there's that whole "don't put kids in the front you thoughtless fool they could fly out the windshield or get snapped in two by the airbag" factor.   

       Just to ease your anxiety a little, I've never had anything stolen out of my back seat -- usually it's the stuff people leave behind that bugs me. And I DON'T EVER put hitchikers in the back seat. That's just an all around bad idea.
junglefish, Sep 02 2005

       Ok, so there are a few bugs like the old lady. But as far as the kids fighting, as the parent you can smack both of them without having to take your eyes off of the road. The parent wont tolerate fighting from the back seat so certainly it will not be tolerated from the front seat either.
Jscotty, Sep 03 2005

       \\whether or not he is too close to the car behind him\\ How would this be much different. I would have thought if anything this would be more difficult what with being further from the front end of the car.   

       Sldo should you be going through an intersection, a car could run a red light and crash into you without you ever knowing what happened.
hidden truths, Sep 06 2005


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