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Anti robot drone

Spit on robots and stop them
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This tiny drone's payload would consist of a gram of mercury contained in a fragile bulb. The drone would be designed to home in on robots and crash into them, thereby degrading any aluminum components. An advanced version may have a sensor suite used to distinguish aluminum from other metals. Lack of instant kill capability is made up for in stealth, low cost, and long term effectiveness.

Another version may work against tanks and other large vehicles.

Voice, Jan 02 2021

Prior Art https://www.youtube...watch?v=O-2tpwW0kmU
A well-done, but slightly disturbing, mockumentary. [neutrinos_shadow, Jan 02 2021]

Air Force Begins Search for Next Hunter-Killer Drone https://www.militar...r-killer-drone.html
[Voice, Jan 04 2021]


       And if the robot has a plastic carapace, or even good-quality powder coating ?
8th of 7, Jan 02 2021

       Then hopefully it has a scratch, cracks, or uncovered spots to aim at.
Voice, Jan 02 2021

       Sure, and everyone's rushing to bet the farm on "hopefully" ...
8th of 7, Jan 02 2021

       Well modern robots aren't designed against it, I never said anyone is betting a farm, and it would require an expensive redesign to make modern robots and vehicles proof against this attack method. Powder coating doesn't cut it at the joints.
Voice, Jan 02 2021

       The problem is, it's impossible to stop everyone else from developing miniaturized hunter-killer drones. It's only a matter of time and technology. All the important bits of that video just need better computers to make them possible. Not even strong AI, just better versions of what we already have. All that can be done is improve anti-drone technology.   

       We already have large scale hunter-killer drones. Taking humans out of the loop is just a matter of the right war happening. Hello, China; fine day isn't it?
Voice, Jan 04 2021


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