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Antiauthoritarian bus

Be there early? Spend more money!
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A bus that is not driven by a single bus driver but by all the passengers at the same time. Well... Let me explain:

Every passenger may insert coins into a slot next to his seat. The more money he spends, the faster he will reach his destination.

Ok, an example: A passenger enters the bus. He enters his destination (via some fancy touchscreen or thought recognition (I really have to invent that!) interface). He inserts, let's say two dollars. His request will be processed depending on the following criteria: - amount of money spent (most important) - distance to destination - time spent in bus - popularity of destination - ...

Well, I don't have the correct algorithm yet, but I think, that a nice mixture of the different parameters should bring everyone where he wants (sooner or later), mainly depending on the amount of money spent.

For example, two other guys have spent three dollars. They will probably reach their destination earlier. If our guy's destination is en route, the bus will let him exit, of course. Also, if the bus is near a central point (like the town's main station) he might go there first, because there will most likely be many passengers to be picked up. (Now, if the guy who spent three dollars notices the busses intention and he is *really* in a hurry, he can try to spend another two dollars to change the busses mind...)

The bus may also be called (via mobile phone) to some destination. (This requires some credit card payment solution, of course, if you want to decrease your waiting time.)

The display panels outside the bus could be used for advertising like "To Central Park in 20 Minutes: Propability 67%" and "YOUR chance for fast and cheap transportation: 92% not paying right now."

fezadow, Sep 24 2003

Democratic Bus http://www.halfbake...ea/Democratic_20Bus
"...Each passenger has a set of controls, steering wheel, brake etc all connected to sensors rather than the wheels and engine." [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]


       Heh...the two hundred bucks to divert the bus to El Paso would be worth it to see the looks on the other passengers' faces.
Overpanic, Sep 24 2003

       +, as much for [Overpanic]'s point as the idea itself.
Detly, Sep 24 2003

       Get a cab.   

       (the idea is very well thought though, I like it but if this worked i'm sure it would have been done by now).
Pericles, Sep 25 2003

       "Hey, everybody! We're going to Vegas!"
Osomatic, Feb 07 2007


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