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Interior Bus Number Display

Bus numbers...inside.
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They should display bus route numbers inside the cabins of buses in conjunction with those on the outside, so you can "make sure" you are on the right bus, and that if you are not, you can leave immediately before it drives off and goes past completely unfamiliar places.

Great if you ran to the bus, and caught it not entirely looking at the number outside.

mrkillboy, Sep 19 2000


       Yup. Been there, done that. Nice visible sign over the head of the driver so you can't miss it as you get in.   

       I do take public transport sometimes, I mean that incident happened in, oh, let's see, 1978 I think.
Alcin, Sep 19 2000

       nextbus.com already does this for wireless handhelds. maybe they could mount a giant palm vii at the front of buses....
xlr8r, Sep 19 2000

       Also, there should be numbers on the back of the bus, so you can tell which bus ran you over on your bike.
oooga, Nov 22 2000

       I think this is a GREAT idea!
kester, Nov 30 2000

       In the city I live in, all of the newer busses do have the number on the back. Though I too have the problem of forgetting what bus I got on cuz I was in too much of a hurry.:)
DreamGoddess, Nov 30 2000

       Well-baked. Here in Geneva the buses have a constantly updated LED sign inside telling you which bus you're on, the current time, what the terminus is and the name of the next stop. As a real novelty, they run uncannily on time.
Gordon Comstock, Jan 02 2001

       Of course they are on time. Geneva is in Switzerland, where the entire country is one giant finely-tuned timepiece. Swiss watches are evidently mined instead of assembled.
beauxeault, Jan 02 2001

       Baked everywhere. Suppose add a date and time as well above that.
mailer_daemon, May 19 2001, last modified May 23 2001

       I would go further. I would have those nice displays found on London Underground trains to display the details of the next stop and the changes there.   

       Anyway, in the backwater of South ribble, buses do (sometimes) display numbers at the back and left-hand side (but not the old buses, and the displays on the new buses have a habit of breaking).
simonrose, Jun 29 2001

       on the bus i get to work in a morning there is a nice electronic lady's voice that tells you which stop is next. it's quite soothing really. so not very handy when you're nodding off. she's like some kind of bus-mum. no, actually, a mum would have you shipped off at the right stop - a bus-auntie maybe.
ciccia, Aug 03 2001

       That's a really great. In addition, you can add a GPS to it with a map, sell publicity to shops nearby where you are at the moment, etc.
mading25, Jan 22 2003

       I just wish they would make the numbers large enough and bright enough to see them from a block or two away.
Pikkukani, Jan 09 2004


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