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Hybrid Bus Route Planner

Adjusted route planner for multiple modes of transit
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My daily commute would involve a bus transfer but I always just bike to the second bus to save time. In order to plan out my trip, I have to set my starting point as the start of the second route and I have to adjust the time and locations based on my own estimates.

Since Google's trip planner already has a feature for buses and bikes, it shouldn't be too hard to combine the two. It would give you an option of how far you're willing to ride to catch the bus and maybe an option for if you're a slow, medium, or fast rider, and it would calculate a route accordingly.

Joolin, Oct 20 2010

TFL (Transport for London) http://journeyplann.../XSLT_TRIP_REQUEST2
[hippo, Oct 20 2010]

Traveline http://www.traveline.org.uk/
for outside London [pocmloc, Oct 20 2010]


       The TFL route planner does this (link) - it will give journeys between any two points in London with a combination of rail, light rail, tube, tram, bus, coach, and boat, and will include cycling and walking if you ask it to, and will allow you to set your walking speed.
hippo, Oct 20 2010

       Well then I guess my idea is really just "make a TFL- like system for everyone outside of London"
Joolin, Oct 20 2010

       People live outside London?
hippo, Oct 20 2010

       Yeah, that kinda blew my mind when I found out. What really blew my mind though was when I found out I was one of them!
Joolin, Oct 20 2010

       Google mass transit already includes walking, and you can modift how far you are willing to walk. If they just added cycling, that would do this.
MechE, Oct 20 2010

       What amazes me is that people choose to live in London. I mean I can understand being born there, not being old enough to travel unaccompanied etc. but it is not that far to the other side of the M25, what on earth is stopping them all from just leaving?
pocmloc, Oct 20 2010

       //what on earth is stopping them all from just leaving?//   

       Good route planning?
Boomershine, Oct 20 2010

       MechE - You didn't read the whole post did you? Google has a bike trip planner and as I said, you can plan a trip by using both features, but also as I said, you'll be planning a trip based on your own knowledge of the city, whereas a combined planner would be able to give you the quickest, most efficient route possible.
Joolin, Oct 20 2010

       And I was saying that their mass transit planner already does walking and mass transit at the same time.   

       I had thought there was also an option to tell it how far you are willing to walk, I admit I don't see that now, so maybe I was mistaken.   

       So yes I did read the whole post, and they're halfway there, the just need to implement the option to toggle on bike directions as well as walking and implement the feature I thought I remembered.
MechE, Oct 20 2010

       Why can't you get your chauffeur to do this for you ?
8th of 7, Oct 20 2010

       [MechE] //...implement the feature I thought I remembered.//   

       Not exactly tagline material, but might be useful for future halfbaked ideas.
Boomershine, Oct 20 2010

       Main problem is that it's underconstrained. Many possible hybrid routes, ranging from 100% bike to 100% bus & (in general) multiple values in between. Lotsa ways you could constrain this, but which are the useful ones?
mouseposture, Oct 20 2010

       // what on earth is stopping them all from just leaving? //   

       The M25, clearly. The great sigil Odegra.
BunsenHoneydew, Oct 24 2010

       And long may it continue - we don't want any of those buggers escaping into the Real World.
8th of 7, Oct 24 2010


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