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App website

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A website which will run phone apps server-side (to save you having to run them on your phone) and display the output rendered in HTML5 (or Flash for the special retro version), identical in appearance to if you were running the app on your phone. Hilarious results will ensue from running a browser app through this service which is itself displaying this website...
hippo, Mar 10 2017


       You would no longer have to have a fancy phone to run the app for say a discount coupon at Mcdonalds. +
popbottle, Mar 10 2017

       Mine just has two knobs that move the cursor in horizontal and vertical directions. The procedure for clearing the screen is really easy though.
RayfordSteele, Mar 10 2017

       There used to be a component in firefox, hidden deep within its install folder, that contained the "browser". I managed to open it using firefox, which showed a smaller, functional browser within the main browser. Presumably one could have gone on ad infinitum opening browsers within browsers.
mitxela, Mar 11 2017

       What was that service called that did this for video games? (It was a few years ago, long before Sony started doing it.)
notexactly, Mar 12 2017


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