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Website and offline site for bad connections
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If you have a crappy connection that every once in a while gets worse, use badConnect.

Ask away with your queries, fill in the forms do everything offline,

And when you hit the enter, if your connection happens to be too slow, let us handle that. We'll get all the info for you and if there's only a bottom line that you need, we can do that.

Even if you need the full actual response, like in the case of a streaming video or the full response of a search request in some website, we can hand it to you quickly when the connection finally gets re-established.

pashute, Jun 14 2022

Towads an accessabbal an affodabal intenet https://cipesa.org/...y-challenges-ahead/
[pashute, Jun 15 2022]

African offline internet connection https://www.african...ernet%20connection.
I think they didn't mean what I thought it means [pashute, Jun 15 2022]


       Who is "we"? Is this like a client-side AI type programme that sits on your computer or home network and intercepts all network traffic? I believe this kind of thing is already widespread (in an ad-hoc kind of way) in part of Africa etc. where you only get to be online one hour a week or whatever. I don't know anything technical about it.   

       {+} submitted, but can't currently be delivered because the connection to the actual idea is a bit crappy.
pocmloc, Jun 14 2022

       Looking that up. In Africa you say?   

       I got that +. Waiting for it to show up, but meanwhile this is great news, the idea is already working!
pashute, Jun 15 2022

       -- OK, it turns out that even if they do have internet they don't have electricity. Watched the movie about the kid that made electricity from wind. The story has a few flaws in it, but its still pretty well done.
pashute, Jun 15 2022


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