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automatic password protocol

Automatic Password Protocol
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Changing passwords is a long and tedious process of visiting each website and dealing with their silly interfaces.

We each hold hundreds of accounts throughout the web and security experts tell us we should change our passwords regularly.

I propose a protocol for changing passwords built on xml. An implied url would be available on any site (for example https://www.chase.com/password).

You post in XML format, your username (or id), old password and new password. Then it's changed.

Now we could have a trusted program (built by google or some very reliable and trustworthy company) that could manage an entire list of sites for us and change passwords quickly, easily and safely (https is required).

chillybasen, Feb 10 2006

open id http://openid.net/
better than the proposed idea [erlehmann, Jan 09 2008]


       [Admin: I changed the name from "passwords" - titles need to be a bit more descriptive]

I'm not sure I'd trust Google with any passwords of mine
hippo, Feb 10 2006

       openID, fool.
erlehmann, Jan 09 2008


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