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Apple iShower

The Apple method for showering.
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The iPod is great, but whatever happened to shower radios? What if you want to listen to your tracks in the shower? Putting your iPod in a Ziploc bag just doesn't cut it any more.

Introducing the iShower, the latest innovative product from Apple. Simply install on the shower head and put your iPod into the waterproof dock. iShower's built-in polyneo-bigfancyword-ium cone speakers will play your music like you have never heard it before. Its new AppleJuice system will power and charge the iPod and iShower using water pressure!*

iShower is built with a fully waterproof, backlit LCD with the Waterproof Apple Click Wheel, for easy, intuitive use.

Extra features include wireless synchronization with iTunes, a built in waterproof PDA cradle compatible with most devices (organize your day in the shower, where it all starts), and even a soap dish.

* Then again, what doesn't charge the iPod?

(Back to the idea, not the pitch) I imagine some sort of Ellen Feiss-esque sort of commercial. "I love my iShower. My old Sony radio kept using up batteries, and always got bad reception. My new AppleJuice system lets me charge up my iPod, so I never have to worry about changing batteries.”
-----, May 27 2005

Too late http://www.h2oaudio...ducts/ipodsv_4G.php
Been done. [OJCIT, May 27 2005]


       The water pressure should vary with the beat of the music. In fact, to make them appear synchronised, this variation in pressure should be done slightly in advance of the music to compensate for the difference in speed of the music reaching your ears and the water reaching your skin.
hippo, May 27 2005

       [OJCIT] But does it have AppleJuice?
-----, May 27 2005


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