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Coloured Shower Water for Children

Make showering Fun
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A switch next to the hot and cold taps displaying a spectrum of available colours - 'Tonight we'll shower in purple!'

A series of non-toxic, non-staining water-colouring packs are fitted around the main water pipe adding the correct amount of colour when the switch is turned.

Could be a little expensive, but the effect would be bizarre.

benfrost, Jul 11 2001

Phosphorus. http://pearl1.lanl....ic/elements/15.html
[angel, Jul 11 2001]

How to make bathtub fizzies http://www.teachsoap.com/bombs.html
[barnzenen, Jul 11 2001]

Finger paints for the bathroom http://www.purciful...m/rubdubbatfin.html
could add a little something for that shower sex scene [barnzenen, Jul 11 2001]


       Are adults permitted to play? Would this make "shower sex" more interesting? (forget I asked that) Would the general white of soap lather also take on the colour of choice?
Susen, Jul 11 2001

       I think the hard part is how to make brightly-colored water that doesn't stain things that color. Maybe you could use colored water for half the shower and rinse in clear water. Then you could add other stuff to the colored half of the shower as well.
wiml, Jul 11 2001

       [waugs]: The alleged chemical is phosphorus. (see link)
angel, Jul 11 2001

       My little boy already likes to make the bath water yellow, the old fashioned way that is. There is an additive for bathwater for children that would turn it colo(u)rs so it shouldn't be too hard to convert it to the shower sceen. I'll see if I can find a link.
barnzenen, Oct 02 2001

       Instead of water couloring substaces you can just put in a light that can switch colour in the shower head. About the same that is used in jacuzzis and would give the same effect.
hassabrass, May 27 2007


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