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Aquarium Water Reservoir

A glass water tower with fish, and pond for city water reservoir
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Instead of the ugly water towers for large cities, made of concrete, why not have the water towers made of glass (at least on the side not exposed to the sun) and have fish living in it, wth a bio-filter system that keeps the water clean and healthy?

Same goes for the large water reservoirs. They could be replaced with large ponds sustaining life, and biologically checking the health of the water. (There are types of snails and fish that can live only in very clean and unpolluted water.)

pashute, Dec 12 2010


       In michigan a lot of the reservoirs are large ponds that ducks love to swaddle about in, and some are "nature preserve" types that have walking paths and the likes. Not sure about the aquarium though, the water would have to be heavily treated upon leaving the aquarium for it to be used as drinking water. I thought the whole point of a reseviour was a large supply of ready-to drink water and to buffer the original source like a lake or whatnot.
metarinka, Dec 13 2010

       If you have a lake then you most likely don't need a reservoir. We have the "Sea" of Galillee from which the whole country drinks (and grows agriculture and uses for industry). That was so until they discovered the fossil water in the Hatzeba desert. Except places like Jerusalem which has a reservoir for water pumped up from the hills below. Of course the Kinerret (Sea of Gallilee) has fish and ducks and other animals in it. And of course the water is filtered and tested before being sent to the rest of the country.
pashute, Dec 13 2010

       [+] for moving me one step closer to having a pet coelacanth.
FlyingToaster, Dec 16 2010

       But coelas are deep sea saltwater...   

       I liked the wikip entry: This discovery 65 million years after they were believed to have gone extinct...   

       There were believers 65m years ago!
pashute, Dec 17 2010

       //why not have the water towers made of glass //   

       because it wouldn't actually work?
RayfordSteele, Dec 17 2010


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