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Inspired by //A good thing, too. Have you ever tried to harness a squid? [mouseposture mar 10/2010]//
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The crowd begins another wave as cowbuoys wearing ten gallon tanks wrangle sea cows or try to last for eight seconds on a bucking Porpoise.
Getting squid harnessed for the subuckwagon races signals intermission.

"Get yer popcorn shrimp! Buttery popcorn shrimp!"

Chariots Of Water Chariots_20Of_20Water
[theircompetitor, Mar 13 2010]


       Yay! + Ride 'em wet & wiggly!
xandram, Mar 12 2010

       //cowbuoys// [+]
mouseposture, Mar 13 2010

       Have the squid been de-inked? An unscrupulous subuckwagon racer could try for an edge by training his team to unleash a simultaneous blue-out at a strategic point on the course. The ensuing chaos could be a calamari-ty!
Canuck, Mar 13 2010

       Finally, a venue to showoff my jellyfish wetsuit! I picture the aquodeo clowns wearing them, perhaps.   

       Just don't go near the coral reefs.
RayfordSteele, Mar 13 2010

       They have no inkling, and don't beak too much about it.
The corral reefs are the only way to herd them into the ackle tent where eight maids uh, milk ink in style.


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