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Sharks and Minnows Variant With Rings.
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Before explaining BootyJack, I'll give a brief runthrough of Sharks and Minnows. Basically, it's underwater British Bulldog. One "shark" in the middle attempts to drag the "minnows" to the surface before they can reach the target wall. Any tag on the surface of the water, or any body part removed from the water counts as a capture, and the minnow is transformed into a shark. Last minnow alive wins.

Now BootyJack takes this simple concept, and adds to it rings that rest on the pool bottom. The rings, or booty, are to be captured by the minnows and returned to the target wall. Meanwhile, the minnows must avoid the sharks in order to remain in for the next round.

In addition, the ever-decreasing minnow concept is modified somewhat. To start out, the ratio of minnows to sharks is about 2:1 to 5:2, and, when caught, the minnow and the shark who made the capture exchange places. In addition, the shark takes half of the minnow's accumulated booty. (If two sharks tackle one minnow, a coin toss is held to determine who exchanges position.)

After each round, all scores are tabulated, and all rings are dumped back into the water. Game ends after ten rounds, player with highest aggregate ring total wins.

WordUp, Jun 20 2004


       Remember that slang term? I believe it'd "word!"
DesertFox, Jun 20 2004


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