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Milkshake Drilling Platform

seriously: are McDonald's milkshakes non-Newtonian fluids ?
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The device clamps onto the top of a fast-food milkshake cup; the combination of a robust pump at the bottom of the shaft and positive pressure in the cup helps move the near-solid, flavoured plastic up the pipe; it starts pumping when it detects a low-pressure condition at the upper end of the straw.

Available models include "Offshore Oil Rig" and "Texas Pumpjack". § x1

FlyingToaster, Sep 22 2009

This page was once full of annotations, but a natural cataclysm claimed them... Deletionistas
...or was it a meteorite strike? [normzone, Dec 06 2012]


       Are you expecting me to accept that this idea garnered 6 positive votes and sank to obscurity with nary an anno? Or have deletionistas been at work? (impolite snort) (link)
normzone, Dec 06 2012

       Glug, glug, glug,..... [+]
xenzag, Dec 07 2012


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