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Architecture Preserves

No, not jam made from the WTC rubble.
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And not just a pun based on Vernon's idea, either, though I admit this was inspired by misreading his title.

Architecture preserves would be parks where endangered architecture could be erected in an environment safe from economic pressures in the form of wrecking balls. The preserves would be visitor-friendly, and would allow the threatened buildings to live and breed for the benefit of future generations.

I think there are some examples of something *like* this, commonly called "outdoor museums" or something similar, but I wonder whether those are close enough to constitute bakedness. The existing parks, for instance, seem to focus more on homes and lifestyles than on architecture per se, and are usually limited to a very narrow focus in terms of both region and era. For instance, they'd never have a Mies Wander Row and a Palladio Paddock in the same park.

beauxeault, Apr 12 2002

Architecture Preserves Landscape http://www.halfbake...eserves_20Landscape
Vernon's idea. [beauxeault, Apr 12 2002]

The National Trust for Historic Preservation http://www.nthp.org/
[phoenix, Apr 13 2002]

National Park Service's Heritage Preservation Services http://www2.cr.nps.gov/
[phoenix, Apr 13 2002]

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       Conservation areas beauxeault?
mcscotland, Apr 12 2002

       In addition to the links I posted every (U.S.) state has a similar agency. I imagine it's the same around the world. What would be interesting would be to intentionally bring together examples of various types of architecture in a park setting - but that's sort of Baked, too, at Greenfield Village in Michigan, U.S..
phoenix, Apr 13 2002


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