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Bouncy Hadrian's Wall

Pour l'enfant
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Bouncy castles are a familiar concept.

This proposal is for a gigantic linear bouncy castle, coloured like grey dry-stone walling, running from the Tyne to the Solway Firth, parallel to and not far from the original Hadrian's wall, and about the same height (as far as possible).

It would keep small children occupied while the adults are looking at the real archaeology.

It would give an excellent impression of what the real wall once looked like.

Operates in Summer only (28th May - 5th June in Scotland) and dismantles into convenient sections for storage during the bleak and bitter months of Winter (6th June - 27th May in Scotland).

Kept inflated at minimal cost by ducting high pressure hot air direct from the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh.

8th of 7, Aug 25 2008

Hadrian's Wall http://www.athenapub.com/hadw48.htm
[normzone, Aug 25 2008]

Hadrian http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hadrian
In 1893, Haverfield stated categorically that the Wall was a means of military defence. This prevailing, early 20th century view was challenged by Collingwood in 1922. Since then, other points of view have been put forwards; the wall has been seen as a marker to the limits of Romanitas,[26] as a monument to Hadrian to gain glory in lieu of military campaigns, as work to keep the Army busy and prevent mutiny and waste through boredom, or to safeguard the frontier province of Britannia, by preventing future small scale invasions and unwanted immigration from the northern country of Caledonia (now modern day Scotland). [normzone, Aug 25 2008]

Wow, I was using the random button and look what came up! Hadrian_27s_20_20Wheels
[normzone, Aug 25 2008]


       sp: Summer only (no more than a couple of days *before* or *after* the bank holiday in June).
Jinbish, Aug 25 2008

       Ah yes, the "War on Terrorism" of AD120. Looks like somebody had an awful lot of rocks, and a no-bid contract.   

       See link. Sounds a lot like the border fence that is currently being built just south of my home town.
normzone, Aug 25 2008

       // unwanted immigration from the northern country of Caledonia (now modern day Scotland). //   

       Nothing changes, eh ?
8th of 7, Aug 25 2008

       I would be in favour of a similar gonflable wall being erected in such a manner as to abut, for its entire inner circumference, the M25, so as to keep Boris J away from doing any real damage.
calum, Aug 25 2008

       [+] We could even have the the great bouncing wall of China.
skinflaps, Aug 25 2008


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