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Area Denial System for Cats

Keep em off elevated surfaces
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I picked up a few of those automated air fresheners, the kind that emit a spray every several minutes, and I noticed that my cat absolutely loathes them. So I got to thinking, maybe if I place these strategically around the house they'll dissuade her from jumping onto certain surfaces like the mantle or my desk.

Sure as shit, it works, but only as long as it keeps spraying. Once it runs out of juice, the cat notices immediately and starts going where she shouldn't. After a while I realized what a chore it is to stay on top of these things, changing the spray can in several of these things every few weeks, and all I really want them for at this point is their deterrent value anyway.

So the idea is for an automated air freshener with a motion sensor, so it conserves both battery power and spray liquid by only activating when a cat is detected within a foot or so of it. Might also help keeping naughty dogs from pulling food off counter tops.

21 Quest, Jun 13 2022

Adapt this for indoor use? https://www.amazon....kler/dp/B078HK12H8/
[a1, Jun 13 2022]

Glade option https://www2.glade....automatic-freshener
One of many sensor sprays. I thought your Google-fu was better... [neutrinos_shadow, Jun 13 2022]

A cool alternative until this idea hits the market. https://www.youtube...watch?v=Gn-reqwwEqE
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 13 2022]

Need for dogs, too https://www.bbc.com...-us-canada-61838411
[a1, Jun 17 2022]


Voice, Jun 13 2022

Voice, Jun 13 2022

       Shirley just a bigger reservoir? And likely a much less smelly substance if you're going to be spraying a lot of it.
bs0u0155, Jun 13 2022

       [a1] I had that exact contraption in mind!
21 Quest, Jun 13 2022

       8th would be proud. [+]   

       Although he might have suggested phosgene gas.
doctorremulac3, Jun 13 2022

       Now make one for mosquitos.
Voice, Jun 13 2022

       8th would've affectionately suggested bear spray.   

       Neutrinos, that's awesome! Ironically, however, it says "keep out of reach of children and pets" LMAO!   

       Being merely light activated, my only complaints with it are that 1) it won't work at night and 2) the 5 foot optimal range is too far.
21 Quest, Jun 13 2022

       Aren't there already motion-detecting perfume sprays on the market? Probably would be moddable.   

       Back when we had cats, we found they particularly hated being sprayed with anti-flea medication. So that's what we deployed to deter any other cats which got in through the cat- flap. Very aversive, and has the fringe-benefit of reducing the risk that they'll cross-infect you.
Loris, Jun 13 2022

       Intriguing concept, Loris!
21 Quest, Jun 14 2022

       [+] Even though I like cats, there are places they should not go, and this is a good way to keep them out of those places.
swimswim, Jun 14 2022

       [+] This is the idea you've ever had [21].
tatterdemalion, Jun 17 2022


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