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Dog Treat Dispensing Stick

Teach puppy to walk nicely without getting a back ache.
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A common method of training a dog not to tug while walking is to either put a treat down every few steps, or to hand the dog treats as you walk along. My puppy is about a foot high, so this can be a real pain in the back. I, like most folks, wind up just giving up this slow process 1/2 way through the walk and let the dog just pull away again.

My idea is for a long spring-activated treat dispensing stick that I can comfortably stand/walk while holding the stick at puppy head level. Every few steps I push the release button, puppy hears the satisfying "click" and happily stays by my side so she can eat the next treat that has been made available at the end of the dispenser.

Step, step, click... step, step, click. Good puppy!

I looked but could not find this. If this is baked, please let me know, I would actually buy this.

Zuzu, Apr 24 2009

Prong collar http://leerburg.com/fit-prong.htm
get one of these for now. they are good. [bungston, Apr 24 2009]

Leash Training http://www.perfectpaws.com/pup7.html
"never use a choke collar." [Zuzu, Apr 27 2009]


       I always thought that's what a choker chain was for.
Jscotty, Apr 26 2009

       For a three month old puppy the reward method is considered much more effective than prong or choke collars. :-)
Zuzu, Apr 27 2009

       Alternate suggestion found online: "If you have a small puppy you can accomplish this by taping a spoonful of peanut butter to a dowel or yardstick and dip the spoon down to allow your pup to take a lick now and then." ah, brilliant in its simplicity! ha ha
Zuzu, Apr 28 2009


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