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Aroma Fire Place

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Was just exposed to a gas fire place in a new house, and since it was still new it gave off a smell every time it was turned on. It was not the most pleasent of smells but we were told it was a break in process and would soon stop.

Well, what if there was a way to have your fire place give off a nice smell, like having a hole where some essential oils can be added. Why have a seperate oil burner when you already have a fire place?

AUGGIE, Oct 13 2006

these are for a *gel* stove, but I would think it would be the same for gas http://www.fireplac...es/ScentSampler.jpg
[xandram, Oct 13 2006]

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       there's stuff like this for sale -- do a web search
theircompetitor, Oct 13 2006

       There is sented logs for wood fire places, but I have not found any sort of sent or method to apply a sent for a GAS fire place.
AUGGIE, Oct 13 2006

       Looks like they do exist [link]. A friend of mine used to toss in a little incense also.
augusta, Oct 13 2006

       I went to the ACE link that you provided above, and failed to find any sented gas fireplace logs. There are VENTED logs, not scented.
AUGGIE, Oct 14 2006

       Deleted link. Sorry, I didn't catch the shift from gas to regular fireplace. <slaps self>
augusta, Oct 14 2006


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