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chimney insert to double burn to emulate a clean flue.
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A metal shroud that can be retro-fitted inside a chimney to double burn smoke particulates and make a cleaner world.

The walls of the insert could be double layered containing a redesigned BUNGCO Cobra. Better efficient direction of heat is always welcome.

Because chimneys vary in size and design, the insert has a craftsman made metal sealing skirt. Also the computer modelling of the fireplace can show, with local weather data (now with 1000 year events) if the current cowling will give optimum results.

So If you have to smoke, make sure you bend that fire.

wjt, Apr 22 2017

Complementary Idea Fireplace_20Cobra_20home_20heat_20adaptor
Will discuss contracts/percentages later. [wjt, Apr 22 2017]


       To burn unburned stuff, you need to introduce extra oxygen/air. I don't see anything in this Idea to accommodate that necessity.
Vernon, Apr 22 2017

       Obviously, I need some of those snakey tubes to run the other way, to supply fresh oxidiser to secondary burn. Some for heat and some for air.
wjt, Apr 23 2017


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