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Creative Gas Logs

Volcanoes! Dragons!
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Gas logs - in their defense, they are better than bad, they're good. But still: logs.

Once upon a time some incandescent wit posted the concept that gas logs need not be logshaped - they could be shaped like volcanoes! This would be so great - thinner or different colored sections would glow from inside for lava effects. One could also make gas logs in the shape of the mythical Salamander, a grinning firecat, Vulcan at his forge, or any number of fire themed radiances.

Again - not my idea originally but here reborn Phoenix-like (another good one: the Phoenix!) from the remembered ashes.

Riffing only on the original novelty gaslog concept (maybe making it a little more my own?), one might have a glass top to the ceramic firelog with the rest of the lava lamp enclosed in the log. This would be a hybrid gaslog lavalamp - wax heated from the bottom would be seen to bubble up to the glass top of the volcano then cool and settle back down. I can imagine a ceramic enclosed pipe shaped glass lavalamp with the axis parallel to the fireplace opening and the heat applied forward of the bottommost pipe portion. The heated wax rises past an opening in the log to be seen, reaches the top, cools and falls to the far side - with heat applied properly this should create a current in the pipe and produce lava movement at hot or cooler temperatures.

bungston, Dec 14 2011

Grates of Hell Grates_20of_20Hell
I mention the old idea in a 2005 anno on this one. [bungston, Dec 14 2011]

Log http://www.youtube....watch?v=hP0kWqJJZa4
For those too young to know the wonder of Ren & Stimpy. [bungston, Dec 14 2011]

Propane-fuelled Dragon Propane-fuelled_20Dragon
Shameless elf-promotion in hope of attracting further enbunnage. [8th of 7, Dec 14 2011]


       + for Gas-powered lava lamp concept.
csea, Dec 14 2011

       Stair-descending models would be fun for the holidays. [+]
Alterother, Dec 14 2011

       [+] Flames.
8th of 7, Dec 14 2011

       After a chili dinner, I may have some very creative gasses, but why would anyone want to maintain a log book based on that?
swimswim, Dec 14 2011

       I must admit that the title had me stumped as well.
Alterother, Dec 14 2011

       Obligatory [+] for the Ren & Stimpy quote.
Custardguts, Dec 14 2011


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