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Firelog Catapult

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The problem with cold nights and fireplaces is that if (when) you run out of logs, you must run outside into the cold, grab a bunch of logs, and run back in.

Instead, place some logs onto a few self-calibrating catapults outside, which will, when activated from inside via Bluetooth, will catapult the logs so that they land in a receptacle, fall down through a one-way trap, and land in the firewood alcove, ready for you to place in the fire.

DesertFox, Feb 24 2006

A more ambitious version of this Spring_20Loaded_20Logpile
[DesertFox, Feb 24 2006]

A completely ridiculous version of this - LPelletG_20Stove
- consisting of my anno below [normzone, Feb 25 2006]


       Maybe the catapults could fire natural gas.
jellydoughnut, Feb 25 2006

       Yeah, like a pellet stove, except instead of pellets, a steadily catapulted succession of extremely small, thin-walled cannisters of natural gas !   

       I'd buy one just for the romance of sitting around the fire at night with my sweetheart, my arm around her shoulders, my drink in my other hand, spilling little splashes as she jumps each time a tiny cannister of natural gas goes off with a tiny boom.
normzone, Feb 25 2006


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