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A tech-mosaic project to build a new stained glass window for the burned down church in Peru
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A Catholic church in Cusco, Peru, burned down recently.

Cusco was the seat of government of the Incas.

The Spanish built churches on top of Inca temples.

Catholicism is a male, father-oriented religion compared to the Inca tradition which was more female and mother-oriented.

Hillary Clinton is about to become president of the US.

World War II was a struggle between Rusia and Germany, Germany defending the rich half of the world, Rusia defending the poor half of the world.

The same struggle could be taken on now by establishing a more gentle relationship between the developed and original cultures in the world in the form of an agreement between churches.

Art-iculate is an initiative that brings together a diverse group of people of all abilities and cultures to build a stain glass window for the new church in Cusco.

People with disabilities, from diverse cultures, who are hard to agree with and animals will be included as authors in the design of the window, using tiered design.

All participants will receive the same spatial template / line drawing / lead outline. They will fill it with colors / values and the tiered management system will derive an algorithm that describes their design. All these designs can be put together to produce a final product, using the best of or a combination of algorithms.

Tech companies could help organize and support this project and gain the opportunity to study accessibility, artificial intelligence, algorithms, and mosaicing.

An event called "Share!" featuring Cher and Ted Nugent (see linked idea) could coincide with Hillary Clinton's inauguration, be a great occasion for the announcement of a continent- wide legalization of all drugs,an opening of the boarders of America, and celebrate a re-embracing of some Inca values and the re-femalization of leadership worldwide.

The announcement could also include a plan to make all airline travel essentially free for everyone and to require mandatory, yearly, 3-month vacations for all Americans, including language lessons, to developing countries, to participate in a world wide network of ayahuasca and other medicinal plant healing ceremonies.

JesusHChrist, Sep 20 2016

Church that burned down http://mobile.reute...h?videoId=369873151
[JesusHChrist, Sep 20 2016]

Bluemorpho ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru https://www.bluemorphotours.com/
[JesusHChrist, Sep 20 2016]

Share! Share!
[JesusHChrist, Sep 20 2016]

Chan Zuckerberg to cure all disease https://techcrunch....nt-to-cure-disease/
[JesusHChrist, Sep 21 2016]


       The " legalization of all drugs " may have crossed your personal border ahead of schedule - I recommend the category [other:general].
normzone, Sep 20 2016


       " The idea seems to be predicated "
normzone, Sep 21 2016


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