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wikipedia automatically generates quizzes

wikipedia automatically generates quizzes from any article
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a computer program like an AI Eliza program generates a test on the material at wikipedia then puts the test right at the article

This gives people an opportunity to practice n retain what they read

they could accumulate a proof of the articles visited then share that with teachers

autogenerated quizzes make Wikipedia superior to Britanicca at least until Britanicca creates the same feature

Note: rewrite of a previous item

Youtube version at link

beanangel, Dec 04 2007

Youtube version http://www.youtube....watch?v=neHOXZ8Db-I
[beanangel, Dec 04 2007, last modified Jun 03 2009]


       <eliza>Why do you think Youtube version at link?</eliza>
phoenix, Dec 04 2007

       It doesn't need to be automatic. Wikipedia has enough nerds to write the quizzes themselves, all they'd have to do is start a "Quiz Wikiproject" complete with banners that say "This is part of the Quiz Wikiproject" or "This page does not have a quiz. Why don't you create one?"   

       Anyway, bun for you.
Spacecoyote, Dec 04 2007

       they could also expand it to the halfbakery [+]
keithbrunkala, Dec 04 2007

       Why do you laugh in an evil way after washing your hands?
hippo, Dec 04 2007

       I'ld bun this except 1) writing AI code to *understand* text and then extract enough meaning from it to ask a meaningful question that couldn't just be answered by cut & paste is actually an interesting problem (on the Computer Science scale of trivial..interesting); and 2) I'm not bunning anyone who mis-spells Britannica twice in one article. And by twice I mean in two different ways, so it's not as if you didn't realise that you didn't know how to spell the word.
gtoal, Dec 04 2007

       Treon, I am pretty sure one of you has posted this before.
4whom, Dec 04 2007

       Wikipedia is not a valid source of factual information, Britanica is.
Antegrity, Dec 05 2007

       A good idea if you have to pass the quiz -- i.e., you have to have read the existing entry -- before modifying it.
Ford, Dec 06 2007


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