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Art Analysis Dating

Pick your favorite art and pick your next date
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Online, you enter this site and see a page of 12 to 15 pictures of different types of visual art. You click on your two favorite of that page. That takes you to another page with the same number of pictures (different ones of course) and you again choose your favorite two. This helps the program start to see a pattern and narrow the type of art pictures you are seeing. Obviously, this is also narrowing down the "matchable" people who have picked similar art and perhaps have the same tastes and personality as you have.

After a few pages of these steps, you get a much smaller list to peruse and find a new friend. At least you will probably like the same stuff at the art gallery.

"We both liked the puppy pictures and the urban-organic sculptures. We were made for each other." ...an actual quote from a satisfied user.

macncheesy, Dec 27 2007

Anayalisis http://www.google.c...yalisis&btnG=Search
I'm stunned. To the point where I'm starting to question myself - is this a valid alternate spelling? Yikes! [globaltourniquet, Dec 27 2007]


       You know, on a lark, I googled Anayalisis.   

       Three full pages of results. Each entry meant to say "analysis". At least you are not alone.   

       Is there a movement to respell this that I haven't heard about?
globaltourniquet, Dec 27 2007

       //Three full pages of results. Each entry meant to say "analysis". At least you are not alone.//   

       And I bet those people would be perfect dates for you :)
phundug, Dec 27 2007

       If this system is iterative, would it not have a tendency to converge on pornography? I'd be very worried if I wound up dating someone with the same tastes in porn as myself.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 27 2007

       That puts the "anal" in "analysis", [Max]
globaltourniquet, Dec 27 2007

       I have a mild form of dyslexia. I usually spell check everything by copy/pasting it into Microsoft Word, but forgot to for the title. Oops.   

       Now the question is: Do I change the title and leave all these quips about the spelling? Or leave the title as is? Or change the title and delete the comments? I hate deleting comments though. It always seems like cheating.
macncheesy, Dec 28 2007

       what you do, mac, is pretend it was deliberate and a very obscure literary/art related reference. some smart arse asked Russell Brand why he called his bio "my booky wook" to which he replied that it was a reference to a character in Clockwork Orange.
po, Dec 28 2007

       [admin: fixed spelling, as per site policy of making things findable.]
jutta, Dec 28 2007

       Him: Wow. Amazing.
Her: Phew!
Him: You know, all in all, how was Mondrian anything more than a glorified interior decorator at his best?
Her: You got a point.
Him: Dexter's on.
Her: Cool.

       I think [UB] might be right.
globaltourniquet, Dec 28 2007

       Fine; it shows you then who not to date.
macncheesy, Dec 28 2007

       // Clockwork Orange //   

       Alex frequently refers to items in such a homophonic way, viz. "eggy-wegs" for eggs; perhaps he has them for tea before going down to the Moloko for a glass of Milk Plus to sharpen him up for a bit of the old Ultra-Violence .....
8th of 7, Dec 28 2007

       Henri Cartier-Bresson
Jan Von Holleben
Jan Saudek
Rodney Smith
Eric Boutilier-Brown
Bill Brandts
Spencer Tunick
Phillipe Halsman
Lynn Bianchi
(edit) Les Krims

       OK, now who is interested in dinner and drinks?
normzone, Dec 28 2007

       H. R. Giger, anyone ?   

       He did the decor in our Cube ....
8th of 7, Dec 28 2007


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