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Articulated Balloon String Flailing Man

I think I found why this hasn't been done before. See proposed solution.
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A wacky flailing inflatable tube man made out of strings of helium balloons. The wind blows the arms, head and body about to make it dance.

Again, I know somebody has strung a bunch of balloons together in the form of a man with arms, body, head, even legs, I'm just not finding it. All the searches for "balloon character" etc come up with Macy's parade balloons that are basically character shaped blimps.

If on the very very very small chance it HASN'T been done, I propose:

Articulated Flailing Balloon String Man.

Okay, I think I might see why this hasn't been done and here's my solution, you'll need the balloons to be attached with pressure elements to keep them in shape, otherwise they just all rise up together and you just see a mass of balloons. So here's the idea to make this work.

1) Take a string of balloons.

2) You want then to line up horizontally, so you have little straw like things with strings, the structural element is the string to the ground.

3) You put a lightweight plastic spacer stick between the two balloons

4) You have a string that attaches two balloons together but you pull the outer balloon down by tightening the string between the anchor string and the outer string. Picture a tendon on an arm being pulled to flex the arm.

This way you can actually shape what would otherwise just be a mass of balloons all bundling together as they pull up in one direction.

Hmm. This might actually work.

doctorremulac3, Feb 03 2023

Balloon Man https://static.wixs...balloon%20robot.jpg
Not quite the same, I know. [swimswim, Feb 03 2023]

Helium_20Marionettes [a1, Feb 03 2023]

Helium_20Theater [a1, Feb 03 2023]


       Good link swim, but yea, it's basically just a solid figure technically made out of balloons, so same as a Macy's parade thing.   

       Thank you for the link though.
doctorremulac3, Feb 03 2023

       Could you think of this as an upside down marionet? A puppet you work by pulling strings from below rather than above?
a1, Feb 03 2023

       After I said that, I googled various combinations of balloons and marionette - and it brought me back here! (links)   

       (BTW: Not my fishbone)
a1, Feb 03 2023


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