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Balloon climbing

Tether allows for passengers getting up and down, while balloon stays launched in air
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Be it a hot air, solar or helium balloon, dirigible ("Zeppelin") or blimp, with or without kite aerodynamics, you climb up and down the tether, rather than releasing gas or adding pressure.

It can become a sport, and may be more economic than pulling the whole thing down, or landing it.

Just like a ship it could "anchor" and then continue on its air journey, never actually landing.

Version 2 has a lightweight thin rope, when dropped to the ground it has a small rc plane at its end which tows the rope to a nearby anchoring station, where a larger and stronger rope is sent up, attached to the balloon and used for climbing or descending. When done the heavier rope is released.

pashute, Dec 05 2012

This guy's all over it. http://images.onset...balloon.0125.pb.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 05 2012]


       Thanks 2!   

       Hey, this idea got no critics! First time in my Histobakery!
pashute, Dec 11 2012


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