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Artificial Aging

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Presently we imprison criminals for a period of time proportional to the seriousness of the crime, thus depriving them of the enjoyment of that part of their life. Alternatively, that enjoyment could be taken from him by premature aging using chemical treatment, nutritional modification, exercise deprivation, and other means.
wow, Jan 06 2003

ZARDOZ http://www.amazon.c...43-9399144?v=glance
[duroncrush, Oct 04 2004]


       Death (now or later) isn't equivalent to incarceration -- most people strongly prefer a life sentence to a death sentence, for example.   

       Even if it were, you'd exchange punishment now (incarceration) for punishment later (an early death). Criminals are often criminals because of disregard for long-term consequences in favor of short-term rewards, so the deterrence would be quite diluted.
egnor, Jan 06 2003

       The time, not the effects of time, is the punishment, no?
bristolz, Jan 06 2003

       Instead of 20 years of incarnation in a dark cell, 20 weeks on a nude beach, until your skin is all wrinkled and splotchy with incipient melanoma?
pluterday, Jan 19 2003


       it's a movie with Sean Connery   

       Sounds much like how they imprisoned people in the movie they were imortal so to punish people they kept them in a constant state of extreme old age.
duroncrush, Jan 07 2004


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