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Better jail cells

Cells that protect inmates
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The reason many people are criminals can often be traced to abuse as kids. Jail cells should be constructed so that inmates are protected from the "cell mates" by bars so that they can talk and interact, if desired, but be protected from abuse that would continue the cycle of the abused becomming abusers. Punishment for crime, rehabilitation, and the protection of the public shouldn't be added to by arbitrary violence, that mekes a criminal the torturer and even executioner of other inmantes who might be more vulnerable and possibly with the potential to rehabilitate themselves.
NotSoQuick, Aug 13 2003


       Maybe if we treat them nice they will start a bridge club and knit doilies.
DeathNinja, Aug 13 2003

       because it's cheaper to put an extra bunk in each existing jail cell than it is to build an entirely new jail.
Freefall, Aug 13 2003

       help reduce prison rapes by crippleing long term prisoners and sex offenders
kastlebar, Aug 13 2003

       ...in a pickle. Vacuum-packed.
thumbwax, Aug 14 2003

       Same difference. (Figured as much, yada x 3)
thumbwax, Aug 14 2003

       hmmnn, and the title was so hopeful.(-)
neilp, Aug 14 2003


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