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Butterfly Chain Gang

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Three times per week, prisoners are chained to one another by the feet and transported via bus to an idyllic outdoor area. Each inmate recieves a net and, as a group, are encouraged to frolic in the rolling fields catching butterflies.

An ornate flute is sounded when tea is ready to be served and stories can then be exchanged about their day's experience.

benfrost, Nov 01 2004


       erm.. what's the purpose of said trip ? is it to humilate the prisoners, or decimate the butterfly population ?
P.S. it's very difficult to get prisoners on to a bus if there feet are chained together. Ankle are a bit - but not much - better.
neilp, Nov 01 2004

       I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
5th Earth, Nov 01 2004

       I wonder what effect a butterfly flapping its wings in a net on this side of the planet has on the other.   

       The chains are purely decorative, and make an enchanting tinkle sound much like a dancing pixie.
benfrost, Nov 01 2004

       curiously, on the basis that the chains are decorative (as long as they're really long), and so long as catching butterflies isn't compulsory (is only encouraged), I think this sounds close to penal reform, and therefore, a bun for you.
neilp, Nov 01 2004

       As long as the butterflies are not being harvested for their beauty, (as in the book/movie "Papillion"). A strict catch, photograph, and release program should be used.
ayt, Nov 01 2004

       I laughed so hard I bunned it. +   

       Thanks, [ben].
k_sra, Nov 01 2004

       I'm bunning it, I don't know why, but I am. Shouldn't this be made part of the national curriculum?
zen_tom, Nov 01 2004

       was hoping this involved chained butterflies. Such disappointment
simonj, Feb 15 2012


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