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Artificial Foreigner English

Take regular sentences and turn them into English spoken by Chinese, Norwegians and Hindustanis
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Say words question you take. Put give too much answer very very. Advertisement same same good very I give. Not waste.

Too much benefit is good. I take much information inside. Then, insufficient good very. I come back have same same. Learn speech not necessary even construct. They five.

pashute, Mar 02 2023

Yoda Speak Translator https://funtranslations.com/yoda
Only good for yoda, a mixed up sentence is. [a1, Mar 02 2023]


       I too five. We have so much in common.
pertinax, Mar 02 2023

       I nice like
pocmloc, Mar 02 2023

       baked on most instruction leaflets I come across.
po, Mar 02 2023

       So if I'm reading this idea right it's "gibberish is funny ha ha, so make a chatbot that speaks gibberish" Am I reading this idea right?
Voice, Mar 02 2023

       I don't think it's quite gibberish, or not necessarily at least. I'm pretty sure linguists can predict the type of errors and mispronunciations someone will make in a second language based on vocal and grammatical habits from their first language. Classic ones are mixing up genders when coming from a language that doesn't use gendered pronouns. Or confusing the sound of L and R when coming from a language that don't distinguish the sounds.
swimswim, Mar 02 2023

       But of course not all mistakes are predictable, so some randomness (gibberish) should be sprinkled in. I knew a Chinese real estate agent in the US who somehow learned the word "sewage" incorrectly and would constantly refer to it as "sausage". I couldn't correct him without laughing so I just let it be.
swimswim, Mar 02 2023

       All your base are belong to us.   

       Thanks [a1]. Better in Yodish, it sounds
pashute, Mar 04 2023


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