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Artificial Neuron

Fix things the natural way...artificially!
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Why can't we develop a programmable artificial neuron for implantation into the human body? It would be based on the properties of stem cells, which adapt to the area of the brain or nerve where they are injected, replacing missing or damaged nerve cells. All we'd need is a basic understanding of what biochemical signals are responsible for the natural transformation of stem cells, and then we could program the artificial cells to respond in the same way. All the benefits of stem cell research; none of the idiotic controversy. As for the signalling aspect, the artificial neuron could easily be programmed to respond to neurotransmitter signals from real neurons; the output, though, would have to be electrical, because I can't imagine an artificial way of synthesizing neurotransmitter. But real neurons can be stimulated just as well electrically as they can biochemically, so it would work just the same.
Overpanic, Jun 20 2003

Nerve transplant http://link.springe...021002/90210091.htm
Instead of using a fake, just relocate a real one you aren't using too much. Wait...not that one! mmmm numb. [bungston, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]


       Some researchers tried it, but they on got artificial morons. Since there are enough of naturals around already the project was abandond.
kbecker, Jun 20 2003

       [mfd] wibni
Freefall, Jun 20 2003

       So this would be a ... wire? You would have to work some Nanites in there somewheres.
bungston, Jun 20 2003


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